Templewood Primary School

Together we can. Together we will.

Pentley Park, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, AL8 7SD

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Together we can. Together we will.

Learning Drivers


Emotional intelligence

We feel it is vital for pupils to develop a clear understanding of their own emotions, recognising and labelling feelings accurately and using this knowledge to guide their thinking and behaviour. Pupils will develop the skills to then transfer their understanding of feelings in to aspects of the curriculum, with their peers and in a variety of contexts. It also encourages pupils to develop empathy and develop a positive attitude.


Social and Cultural Diversity

Being located in an affluent area of Welwyn Garden City it can be difficult at times for pupils to relate to the wider world in terms of differences in society socially and culturally. As a school we feel it is important for pupils to learn about social dynamics within our local area, around the world, in different religions, In addition, pupils should be taught to respect and celebrate differences within a community.  


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Autumn 2021

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