Templewood Primary School

Together we can. Together we will.

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Together we can. Together we will.

school parliament 

Templewood’s School Council has evolved into a School Parliament.

 The School Parliament will meet on a regular basis, to discuss and sort out problems. These may include school lunches, wellbeing or ideas for fundraising events.

Members of the School Parliament will be responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed.

Being a school parliamentarian is a really responsible job.



What is the School Parliament for?

The School Parliament is about:

  • Working and learning together
  • Learning about democracy
  • Learning how to play a positive role model in our community
  • Improving our school for everyone


The School Parliament’s job is to involve everyone, not do everything. Everybody needs to help by:

  • Finding things that they would like to change
  • Finding ways to make things better
  • Putting their ideas into actions


How does our Class Parliament work?

  • Year 1 – Year 4 will elect 2 School Parliament members
  • Year and Year 6 will elect 4 School Parliament members
  • Class Parliament will have a meeting every other Wednesday to discuss key items or questions
  • The School Parliament Members from each class will go to the School Parliament meeting every fortnight to put across the classes view.


 What will the School Parliament do for our class?

  • When the Class Parliament share ideas with class representative they will:
  • Take it to the next School Parliament meeting to discuss
  • Tell you what is happening with your idea

The School Parliament will try to make your idea happen by getting:

  • Permission
  • Money
  • Support
  • Time

If they cannot make the idea happen there will be clear reasons why this cannot happen. If they can make ideas happen they will need the whole school to help to make it happen.