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Together we can. Together we will.

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Together we can. Together we will.

Parent Forum

We started our Parent Forum in January 2019 and it has been well received by the school community. It has a similar structure to the TSA with a Chair, Secretary and parent representative, however, all parents are invited to attend meetings to hear any information about the school and the curriculum. There will be agreed agendas which will focus on a variety of school topics such as Learning Logs, behaviour, the premises, etc.


Each academic year parents and carers kindly nominate themselves for roles in the Parent Forum until the end of the summer term.  


Co-Chairs Fiona Davies & Holly Francis
Secretary Louise Casey
Class representatives

Julie Perry & Lenka Holmes

Year 1

Thomas Thron & Beni Choudry

Year 2 Alison Maher & Jennifer Doel
Year 3 Leyla Raynes & Rob Spruce
Year 4 Louise Norris & Nicola Stewart
Year 5 Holly Francis & Fiona Davis
Year 6 Beni Choudhry & Louise Norris


If you wish to be involved in our Parent Forum please email the school office or email parentforum@templewood.herts.sch.uk



Agenda 03.12.19

Agenda 18.06.19

Agenda 30.04.19        

Behaviour Policy for 30.04.19



Meeting 15.01.19

Meeting 30.04.19

Meeting 18.06.19

Meeting 08.10.19

Meeting 03.12.2020

Meeting 28.01.2020


Parent Forum Documents

Parent Forum Leaflet

Parent Forum Terms of Reference

Templewood Parents Forum Constitution

Parent Forum PowerPoint