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School Council

We are currently revisiting our approach to school council at Templewood and working towards our pupil having a bigger say in decisions within our school. Please look back here again soon...  


As part of Templewood School council, we hope to provide exciting  charity events and raise lots of money for good causes.

Let us take this opportunity to explain a little about our roles:

Class representatives  - are the voice for your class; they make sure that anything that is said in School Council meetings that will affect you is communicated to the class shortly after meetings.

The Chair Person is in charge of the School Council and their job is to make sure that meetings are attended by all and order is maintained throughout.

The Vice Chair Person is the Chair Person's deputy.  They are in charge of backing up anything that the Chair Person says and making sure the meetings still run, even if the Chair Person is not available.

The Secretary's job is to record the minutes of meetings and ensure that if people are not going to be present, they are aware of it.  They are also responsible for putting the minutes up on the school council board.

The Treasurer is the person to speak to about money.  They are in charge of the school council’s budget!  They ensure that the council accounts for all the money they spend and ensures that any money raised is sent to the relevant people.



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